FAQs – Tour Package

booking procedure

How do I book my tour package with Pearl of Blue Orient Travel?

There are 4 simple steps to follow to book your tour package:

STEP 1: Send us an inquiry by filling-up our quote request form found in the following link: http://www.blueorienttravelandtours.com/inquiry-form. Complete the required details for your tour and wait for our email quotation. Once received, confirm your booking by replying to our email with your guests’ information such as the flight details (for those with airline tickets already) and passport details of each guest in the ff. order: 1) Surname; 2) Given Name; 3) Middle Name; 4) Gender; 5) Date of Birth; 6) Passport Number; 7) Nationality; 8) Place of Issue; 9) Date of Expiry.

STEP 2: You will then receive a booking confirmation through email with payment details. Please take note of your due date as rates are subject to change without prior notice. Take note of your due date to avoid cancellation of booking.

STEP 3: Deposit your payment to the nearest BPI branch on or before the due date indicated in the booking confirmation.

STEP 4: Send a scanned copy of your deposit slip to our email thread for verification and wait for your travel voucher and e-ticket to be sent through email. You can print them off in the comfort of your home and bring everything along with the trip.

How do we pay for our tour package?

You can deposit your payment to the nearest BPI branch. Take note of your due date to avoid cancellation of reservation.

If I have airline tickets already, can I just avail of hotel and tours only?

Yes, that is also possible. You may avail of the land arrangement (hotel, + tours + transfers) only if you have already booked your airline tickets. Simply provide us your flight details so we can customize an itinerary suited for your tour. You can inquire for our available tour packages posted on our website.

What does it mean by land arrangement?

Land arrangement includes hotel accommodation, tours and transfers. If you have airline tickets already, you may just avail of the land arrangement from us to complete your travel needs.

What if I sent my payment past my due date?

Rates are subject to change without prior notice. We will still acknowledge your payment but if there will be changes to the rate we will have to communicate them with you so necessary adjustments can be made. In most cases, no booking will be made and will be automatically cancelled if not paid within the prescribed period.

Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before proceeding to book.